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Puerto Vallarta sets the stage for one of the finest culinary experiences in Mexico. The city’s natural beauty is a source of inspiration for chefs from Mexico and around the world who create an exciting amalgam of flavors that blend traditional Mexican ingredients with contemporary tastes from around the globe. Food aficionados can delight in the wide array of dining alternatives from family-run taco stands to internationally acclaimed restaurants some of which also impress with their avant-garde designs and many of them Five Star Diamond Award recipients from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. From regional Mexican cuisine to creative contemporary Mexican fare and the most varied international options, Puerto Vallarta’s gastronomic scene will impress the most sophisticated palates.

In November of every year, Puerto Vallarta reigns as Mexico’s capital of culinary arts with the annual International Gourmet Festival. During this ten-day celebration that is a feast for the senses, about 20 guest chefs – amongst the finest in the world – in addition to talented local chefs offer special Chef’s Table and Winemaker dinners in over 20 participating restaurants, cooking classes and demonstrations, and cheese, wine and tequila tastings. Gerard Dupont, president of the Académie Culinaire de France (the French Culinary Academy) is a regular participant. Past participants have also included Anton Mossimann of Club Mossimann in London, winner of numerous international awards, and internationally acclaimed Mexican chef Patricia Quintana.

Additional information on the International Gourmet Festival as well as Puerto Vallarta’s vibrant restaurant scene can be found at www.visitpuertovallarta.com.

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